unique experiences

Visiting Tuscany is more than a simple experience, it’s an emotional path through shades, tastes and traditions of one of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating lands. Clarice offers its clients the opportunity to live the authenticity that only who is in love with this region can show. From the breathtaking panorama of a hot-air balloon flights, across the small festivals that represent Tuscany’s culture and folklore, towards discovering Renaissance art and medieval villages, every tour is personalized, according to clients’s needs and requests.
Clarice’s consultancy includes exclusive and most wanted luxuries, through a careful selection to always guarantee high-quality standards, attendance and availability. That’s how a vacation can become special, memorable, enjoyable, fulfilled with emotions, and all that thanks to these exclusive services.
Clarice is the key that opens the door to Tuscany’s wonders.


Tuscany between Arezzo and Florence

Arezzo and Florence are the two of the world’s most exclusive tourist destinations, where art meets tradition. Clarice services offer several fantastic tours through the castles, vineyards and museums to show the places that are off the beaten track. These experiences create unique moments, such as the harvest of the Tuscany’s best wine or the extra virgin oil press process. Every tour is personalized to meet client’s request, details and the original spirit of Tuscany’s soul.

Live Casentino

Casentino is one of the four Tuscany’s main valleys, it’s located in the north of Arezzo’s province, where the Arno river flows through. Clarice hides her heart in this colourful countryside, full of medieval villages surrounded by lovely nature. Our service are dedicated to the organization of unique experiences that are an incredible opportunity to discover this land: from local products’ fragrances, clothes, the colours and sounds of the forest, to the pleasures of the traditional cuisine, without overlookin spiritual, world-famous places of adoration (prayer. Clarice’s clients have now the opportunity to visit this incredible universe to discover his far sides, that will become a lasting memory of Tuscany.
Casentino is a pearl of a rare beauty: who deeply loves it, can only show his uniqueness.