The story about Clarice begins in an old cottage in the middle of the green valley of Casentino in Tuscany, where colors and scents/ fragrances have been imbedded in the nature for many centuries. And that’s where we found an ancient diary, quite by chance, under lock and key / hidden in a locked room while we were walking through the rooms that have been closed since the beginning of the ‘900.  No sign of the key. So we started to look for it in every drawer, walking through the corridors lit by the sunlight, passing internal curtain towards the small storage room. In the exact moment when our hopes was about to sank, we found the key we were looking for at the bottom of a glass bowl. We could not even imagine that the key would open to us not only the diary’s secret pages, but also the door to a wonderful ancient story, that would show us the path towards our future.

It was the diary of a lady who lived at the turn of the century, and had the task of guiding visitors and travelers to discover this land’s unique customs, tastes and traditions. Every day she would sit and write her impressions on the yellow pages of her diary.
Clarice was created by emotions that were triggered by words and stories from the diary, to offer to our clients unique and personalized caretaking services. She is the master key for introducing beauties and uniqueness of Casentino through exciting experiences, events and entertainment.
Such a significant land with a distinctive culture and prospects, brings our clients and us together in sharing love for this beautiful country and its history.

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